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How do I flag a comment? Answered

On my Instructables, there are some inappropriate comments...how do I delete them?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Hit the "flag" button.

The comments won't disappear immediately, but they will get reviewed by a human. However, if the comment is bad enough to need immediate removal, you can...
All three will work, but the latter two might be quicker if you happen to know that individual members are online as you find you need them.

Also, what does "Feature comment flag mean"?

I like your new icon...do you draw these yourself?

Thanks but, there is this person who is now looking through my ibles and writing random comments and like your low-level stalker, he is now probably going to do so the same way again and again...is there a way to stop him?

"Feature Comment": As the author of a project or a forum topic, you have the ability to "sticky" a comment to the top of the list, which also prevents any replies to that comment.

"Flag" is the button for drawing posts to the admin's attention.

My current avatar is actually a combination of two - the background was created by Caitlinsdad, and this version of figure was created by gmjhowe. I do create versions of my own avatar, but I always come back to the scientist on an orange background.

Regarding the individual, there is a frequent phenomenon I encounter where a new member finds a project they like, goes to the author's page to look at their other projects, then feels the urge to post something to prove they've been there.

You're OK, you'd only get 9 of those comments - I have 138 projects...

But, if they are genuinely annoying, you could try asking them to back off a bit via PM, or asking one of the CT to do it for you.

You may also find this instructable useful.

You can't directly delete them.

You should be able to flag a comment by clicking the "flag" text next to reply. Unfortunately, Instructables doesn't seem to do much with the flagging, so if they're really bad (offensive language), then contact the admins directly using the links at the bottom of the page. (service@instructables.com, or via a known admin using a PM, if you know one.)