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How do I get a 7-color LED to just blink continuously? Answered

I'm working on a sculpture that involves LEDs.
The basic instructions I've been using come from steps 2 and 3 from this tutorial - https://www.instructables.com/id/Beating-...

I'm attaching the leads of the LEDs directly to 3 volt lithium watch batteries. However, I decided to try to use a 7-color blinking LED, and I'm having troubles.
The LED packaging says it has "single-color, color-changing or flashing modes." The LED has one anode and two cathodes.

When I attach the anode and one of the cathodes, nothing happens, and when I use the other cathode, it cycles through all of the modes in about 30 seconds, and then turns off. The only way I can get it to start again is to take the leads off and start again, but this isn't an option for my project, being as the entire circuit has to be covered in glue to waterproof it.

How do I get the LED to just blink continuously? Any help is greatly appreciated.



7 years ago

the led you have I assume you got from radio shack... what happens with that 7 color is there is a positive and a negative and a control. When you add power to the positive and ground to the negative the led will cycle through the colors and then stop on the first color. Now ground the control lead and it will change to the next color. Ground it again and it will move to the next color, after all the colors have been cycled through the led with continually cycle all its colors automatically until the power is disconnected... I hope this helps someone... there is a youtube video look it up...


10 years ago

Hooking up the led to a 555 timer in astable mode might do the trick. If you get the led frequency low enough (1/30 seconds = .033Hz) you could trigger the led line to repeatedly shift through the colors. 555's are available at RadioShack, among other places.

Also, the link to your instructable doesn't show up...