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How do I get a DVD burned on a Mac to play on my TV? Answered

I recently downloaded a movie off the Internet for my Mac and wanted to burn it to a DVD disk so I could play it on my TV. I thought it was just like making a cd (obviously wrong). I burned the disk like I though I should but when I put it in my DVD player on my TV, it said that there was no data on this disk (or something like that). I am not sure what step I am missing but can any one help?


Like Nacho and Kelsey say: Check the source file. If it is 3-8 gigs in ONE file, it's a disk 'image' and has varying extensions (usually .iso - latin/greekish for copy of, or identical) You can burn these images directly to a dvd and they will have the necessary dvd file structure. If its a zip, tar, rar (includes r01 r02 r03 etc), 7z or other compressed file, you need to extract the movie from the compressed archive, then burn. Be careful as some disk images, such as isos will show up as a file archive. If it is a video file, mpeg, avi, mkv, m4k mv4, wmv, mov, etc - you need as they say, movie authoring software, to convert that video file into a dvd file structure. If it is a folder called 'video ts' then simply burn that in the root of a 'file' dvd set to 'video' mode with your favourite software.

. You need DVD authoring software. A standard DVD player is looking for a disc in a very specific format.
. PS: -R/+R is not particularly important, but some DVD players do better with one or the other.

What software did you use to burn the DVD? Usually there's a pulldown menu somewhere (in the Preferences..., or in the Burn section, or on the main window) for specifying what kind of DVD (-R, +R, -RW, +RW, etc.) you want to make. You need to burn something that is compatible with the player you have.