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How do I get a guy to ask me to homecoming??? Answered

Homecoming is coming up and all of my friends have dates except me! :( I really want a guy to ask me but how do I get someone to??? HELP!!!



6 years ago

I say try being a little flirty with him. Not "slutty" but definitely show your interest. Mention that you don't have a date, and how you hope somebody will ask you. If that doesn't work, go with Kiteman's suggestion. Ask him to take you. A bit unconventional, but in our generation it doesn't much seem to matter. Any guy who isn't a little nervous to ask, is either gifted with a lot of gusto, or is a complete (insert expletive here) and not worth the time.

Here is a secret guy tip, guys are not the bravest animals in the animal kingdom, sometimes they are shy and awkward. Here is a simple dialog you can use to ask your potential date to the homecoming.

You; Hey are you going to the homecoming with anyone yet?
The guy: no the homecoming is stupid (most guys think its stupid)
You : would you mind going with me (instant ego boost to the guy)
The guy: sure!!!1!!1! (runs off to tell his single friends he has a date)

Absolutely correct. Don't wait for it, take control and do what you want.

Simple: you ask him.

It worked for Kitewife.