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How do I get a guy to like me? Answered

I've liked him for a while now, and he's told me once or twice before that he likes me too. of course he doesn't know I've liked him for as long as I have, but when HE admits to liking ME, I'll tell him I like him too. Anyway, recently we haven't been talking a lot and I miss the attention he used to give me, help?


well do u know if he likes you , u can;t make a guy like u it just happens try to be yourself!!!

If you're waiting for a guy to admit to liking you, especially in front of others, you may end up waiting a long time.

So, "Do you want to go get a pizza tonight?" might work. But why not say, "Recently we haven't been talking a lot, and I miss the attention you used to give me"?

If you're waiting for a guy to admit he likes you, you may end up waiting forever.

But if a guy is shy about his emotions, what would make him any more comfortable with yours?

Forcing him to decide or even think about what he wants from you when he's obviously either not sure of his own intentions or uninterested isn't just unwise, it's unfair. You may permanently alienate him.

I think that the only sure way to reach a guarded heart is to slip in without being noticed. Start hanging out more, but don't stress him out by flirting. Act like you just want to be friends. Become a part of his every-day life, bit-by-bit, until no matter what, his day wouldn't feel right without you in it. Give it a little while to sink in. If he still doesn't realise how much he likes you, then it's time to talk feelings.

Gradually growing to like someone is a masculine version of bonding, as opposed to the feminine or "open" method. Bonding with a guy in this way is easier for and on the guy, and will probably have better end results (in terms of his contention within the relationship). The happier he is, the less likely he is to get angry at you, cheat, lie, etc. What I'm trying to say is, this is how you get a guy to love you.

Another pro of the "male" bonding method is that you will know before the relationship starts whether or not you are compatable with your boy-to-be. If you can't be his friend, how could you dream of being his girlfriend (or boyfriend as you don't really specify your sex).

Also he may be avoiding you because he really likes you and is too shy to ask you out, in which case a little quality time could give him the time to work up the courage.

if he hasent been talking to u alot it just means he dosent like u anymore