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How do I get an LED to pum? Answered

I want to make an LED circuit that pums, like the Solar Powered ones, but without the solar cell that powers it and the way that it turns on when it's dark. What I eventually want to do is hook it up to joule thief and power it that way. The simple reason for this is because I don't want the LED on all the time or flashing just on/off, 'cos I find these too harsh on the eyes. I have tried in vain to try and glean the circuit from other diagrams, mainly because I am a circuit n00b, so instead I thought I would turn to the brilliant minds at Instructables.
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http://www.beam-wiki.org/wiki/BEP_Pummer The link to the solar pummer circuits.


you can get led bulbs that change color by them selfs i only got two but i can tell you i got mine in a solar lamp that changed colour you can get the lamps in places like homebase and BnQ and other shops like them

Build that circuit, leaving out the solar cell. That's the equivalent of running it in nighttime mode, powering it from the batteries.