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How do I get drive to spin? Answered


OK, looking at the tags it looks like we're talking about a hard drive spindle motor.  The easiest way is just to apply 5V and 12V to the molex connector and let it do its stuff.  It will spin at 5400, 7200 or 10000 RPM - whatever it was designed for.
If you're trying to make it run at other speeds with your own controller, then things get more difficult.  Most HDD motors are 3 phase steppers so require sequential pulses on the 3 poles to operate.  With a HDD motor you'll need to carefully control speed changes (especially on start-up) because of the inertia, so speed sensing and a closed-loop control system is required.  Try to change too fast and it will just sit there juddering.
There's some useful info and circuit HERE.

So we're guessing?
OK, I guess you've got some kind of disk drive (out of a machine) and you want to make the drive motor spin.
Right or wrong?


Right. When I put it in the PC, it comes up with: "Operating System not found". I took it out and conncted to a USB PATA (IDE) adapter and powered it up.

The USB connector doesn't spin it then? Is this something you want as a useful hard-drive or a broken thing you'd like to use the motor from?
Generally, if it doesn't work you say "it's bust" and leave it, but it may have potential.


Put it on a lazy susan and give it a spin by hand.  Watch out if it's not in the center it will fly off and chip the wall and mom is gonna be mad.  And day will take away your computer.

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