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How do I get my Google Voice number to make free calls w/out a VoIP or a SIP? Answered

As I just found out, not all of my calls incoming or outgoing are always free with Google Voice as I was led to believe. I read somewhere by simply adding my GV to my friends & family on my calling plan, my incoming calls will all be free. In order for my outgoing calls to be free, I need to somehow get my carrier to "recognize" my GV number as being the number that is dialing out as opposed to the masked numbers it uses when dialing. How do I accomplish this?



5 years ago

You can set up your Google voice account using http://google.com/voice
and there is some trick to set up for free voip phone using your google voice account i shred it on my blog, it work 100%
Google Voice VOIP/SIP Set-Up

Google Voice service is only available in the US and Canada. If you live in these countries you can get a Google Voice account and a virtual US phone number. You can make free calls from/within/to US and Canada. (There are some tricks to get Google Voice account as well as a virtual US phone number for individuals who do not reside in these countries, but I will share that later.)

Here is the very useful trick that saves both your money and time. Even your granny can make or receive calls using an old school phone along with VOIP/SIP supported device.  Also, you can configure this in any software that supports basic standard SIP/VOIP.


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Read through this forum on GV calling. There is a simple way that requires a bit of an explanation... probably just as easy for you to read it than for me to retype it... :)

What does Google say about it?