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How do I get my cats to stop pooping in the walkway between my house and my car door? Answered

My driveway runs beside my house, and up to my front porch. When I pule my car in to park, I have just enough space to walk between my open car door and my house. Thats were my cats have started pooping. I have had to start parking off the other side of the driveway, just so my children and I will not step in it. I would like to be able to park my car with out steping in poo. Any ideas. Thanks



7 years ago

Build a outdoor cat box, search internet for what works for you. I did this one to lure roving kitties to only poo in one place, it worked. http://hubpages.com/hub/-How-To-Build-An-Outdoor-Litter-Box Fill w/ some very small gravel fr/ store. Move some of the poo off sidewalk to the new sandy area, they really prefer to bury it anyway. I have to clean the sand once in awhile (keep some of old fouled sand as they look for scent). It is right outside my back door and I don't smell it because they bury and I clean.


8 years ago

........................................................I will exercise restraint here, though I would be less than honest if I didn't say that it is nice to see a free-roaming cats, -owner experiencing what the general community has to cope with.

A cat is now using my driveway as its toilet, (just outside the driveway gate, in the lane).

1) Napthalene:- they HATE the smell! Put some flakes down, (or crush up some mothballs). Moisture will cause them to evaporate, so you will need to reapply.

2) Yesterday I used a mixture of dilute Dettol and chilli to saturate this area. It is essential to remove the 'this is my toilet area' smell. (I am unconcerned about the chilli-it is for the owner to protect their animal-NOT the community).

3) Of course you could keep your cats indoors or in a cat run...???? (It is a complete fallacy that they don't like this!!). Then no-one has to put up with their fouling.......

Just a thought.

get rid of the cats

Give them someplace better for a litter box.  A box of sand somewhere close would work and show it to them.  Put it in a dry place.  They much prefer using a sandy area because they naturally want to cover it up.

in pet shop (?) buy a spray/ fluid that cats don't like the smell of it. than spray it on your driveway here and there

 When I was trying to get my cats from soiling my gardens, I would spread cayanne pepper on the ground.  It worked, but I have heard that spreading cayanne pepper could potentially be harmful to cats, so be cautious.