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How do I get my five year old potty trained for #2. He sometimes goes on the potty, but not consistently ? Answered

My five year old doesn't care if he has stink in his underwear and he refuses to sit on the toilet and try to go when I smell he has defecated a little bit in his underwear



Best Answer 8 years ago

As already suggested, first check with your pediatritian. 

Then you might try what I did.  My daughter was potty trained for about six months when she began pooping in her pants while she was outside playing with her sister and the neighbors. 

I tried talking, and paddling but the thing that worked the best was keeping her indoors for a week.  She stood at the kitchen door wanting to go out and I just told her that pooping in her pants was baby behaviour and going out side was big girl privilege. I emphasized that she had to come in to poop, but she could go back out when she was done.  the Current grandchild I'm training and his brother seemed to think if they went to the pot they'd not be able to play anymore.   I always tell them that they can go back and play again as soon as they get done with their "job".  

I've used this method of restricting their liberty to aid in training for other problems as well, and it always works if you find the right incentive activity to restrict.   Fwiw, Kitty


8 years ago

I forgot to add that after I let my daughter out again, I reminded her frequently and consistently of what I expected and what the consequences were so that she wouldn't get to caught up in play. 

If this doesn't work then let the child out to play for short periods and bring them to the pot.   require them to sit on the pot for five minutes whether they think they need to go or not.  let them up after five minutes, praise them for "trying" and then let them play for half an hour again.  

And even a five year old might be afraid of falling in to the Toilet proper.   I think a  potty chair is best for training.   then a toilet ring  and a stool is ok.   For pooping, a stool with the toilet is a real good idea.  I used one til I was 8, since it aids the child with the proper positioning for pooping.

Also-ask doctor if your child might have a phisher (spelling-not too sure) It is a tear in the rectum and if your child has one it may be too painful for him to easily "poop", thus avoiding the process as long as he can.

Well...Here's what I did; I always made a big deal of when ''I'' went potty. I sang out and said, "oh, I'm so happy. I did a great job! I used the potty. Then I gave myself a sticker. My kids wanted a sticker too and so I started out giving them when they attempted to use the potty, and then after that phase, I rewarded when they actually were successful. I also let my son pick out "Big Boy" pants, and my daughter pick out "big girl" pants. Yes, they had accidents, but they were more aware of what was going on when they could feel that their pants needed changing. Start with day time training. Once that is accomplished, move on to night time training. Best wishes.

There are no set years that it takes children to become fully potty trained as they all learn at different rates so there's nothing to worry about! To make him/her want to use potty try and make it as friendly as possible, give the child praise for being on the potty and rewards (Small sweets and treats, hugs and kisses and the like) for it and try not to be too forceful.

Most kids are already toilet trained at about three or four.