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How do I get my little brother to like taking baths regularly? Answered

My little brother plays in the mud everyday while I'm at school and my mom is cooking and cleaning. When I come home from school he runs to hug me before I reach the door. Then he runs inside before I start complaining about the mud on my Versace outfit. But when my mom calls for him to take a bath so we can eat supper, he runs around the house screaming. Until he gets to Jack, my older brother. Jack has a way to get kids to calm down a little, but he can't get him to take a bath. I get so pissed off when he gets my clothes dirty because I worked for a year before I can save enough money to buy it and still have a lot left in my account to help with the bills and stuff like that.


Find some ways to make the bath more fun. Toys and kid-oriented bathing products helpful. Try giving him colored soaps that he can draw on his skin with. I'm afraid I can't mention a brand, because it's been ages since we've had a kid around. A little encouragement and reward might help too. Praise him when he's freshly washed. Tie the bath with treats and rewards he wants (but don't get trapped into giving him a reward for every bath, offer it only occasionally). Eventually, he'll begin to develop regular grooming habits... but that comes later in life for many boys. For now, just work on getting him to remove visible dirt like mud.

I've never heard of a coloured soap that you can draw on your skin with it. Hey, thanks. That sounds like the best advice I've received on this. So, as an example, I would give him something one time and the next time I leave it alone. The first 2 weeks I do it every third bath and as he gets older I do it less and less. Right?

Well yes, that's technically the correct strategy... but I'd just try to shake it up sort of randomly. The key, I neglected to mention, is to not explain why he's getting the reward (whatever that may be) but to do it soon after the bath. That way he won't form any lasting associations and continue to demand rewards. Take the time to praise him for being clean though, that'll ensure he likes being clean in the future.

Oh, and a suggestion from my mother... She says that one fun trick was to get them dirty with something they don't like. The kid might not care if he's coated in mud or marinera but dab some fish oil on him and he might run to the tub,

Caitlin as a kid never took a "full' bath without resisting. So we just gave her showers. Lot of toys and getting to use the showerhead on the end of the hose made it more fun. Start off with spraying them for fun until the they get used to the water. Give them a water pistol to fight back. They like to watch the water go down the drain. Let them use toys to blow liquid soap bubbles in the bathroom to distract them while they are hosed down. A shower goes faster than a bath. Good luck. And Oooo, I tried on a real Hugo Boss suit one day. It was nice but I couldn't afford it.

Get some dish soap and make a bubble bath. It works better than commercial bubble baths for kids. but prepare the bath for him so you dont end up with a bathroom full of soap suds.

But isn't dish soap dangerous? Especially since he might want to put his hands in his mouth, or even some of the soap.

I know your frustration. What we do is to fill the bath tub up with bath toys, that way the are not "taking a bath" but playing with "water toys" instead. You just have to try different things until something works. Has he ever told you why he doesn't like a bath, if there is something specific he doesn't like. If all else fails, I suppose you could take him back out side and hose him down with a water hose. At least then he would be wet.

Thanks for the thought. I think he told me once that he's afraid of the bathtub. I don't know why, it looks perfectly fine to me. My mom doesn't understant either.

Well I have a little brother to and he loves them but that is because I always gave him toys in there when he was little and still do give him toys. The hardest part is trying to get him out of the bath.