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How do I get over my nerviousness? Answered

Ok so me and my 'first' boyfriend have been going out for almost 10 months now. at about 5 or 4 months ago he kissed me ' my first', it took me aniother two whole months before I kissed him. It took so long for me to kiss him back because I was nervious. Now he wants us to try french kissing. I am so nevrious, but its not like I don't want to french him back. I have read things on how to french, just not how to not be nervious when getting ready to french. Help me out please.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Ooooh boy... Well first off, I'm willing to bet the farm that he is just as nervous as you. (I know, I be a he) As long as you don't let it show, he probably won't notice. But that's not your question. It's gonna take a leap of faith. I can say from personal experience it is not as bad as you think. Kinda fun really. Just try, for a second, to put all your feelings away (so far away...) for a second or two and go in for the kill. Then, as your feelings rush back you will already be into it and will be able to enjoy it. Or not, but you don't know till you try. Like Lima beans. If you are truly petrified still, maybe you aren't ready yet. It took my girlfriend 11 months before she wold tell me she loved me.

You're probably both as nervous as each other, because if you weren't one of you would have taken the lead by now. Say "let's kiss" and stick your tongue in his mouth like you were trying to find something. You have to look at things in a kind of blunt matter-of-fact way to get over nervousness. (and grab a good hold of him too). Alternatively plug the words "how to kiss" in the search box upper right. L

I go with "if you really have to ask us, you aren't ready, and it's perfectly reasonable to say "not quite yet; I need a more time to get used to the idea". But I would also point out that nobody ever "gets over" nervousness except though experience... and even then, it's often a matter of learning how to ignore your nervousness. What, specifically, are you nervous about? He's not expecting you to be an instant expert, after all.

Time is the best option, but if you are trying to get over actual symptoms (sweaty palm, lump in the throat kind of stuff), then I can recommend Rescue Remedy spray - it got me through several stressful times like interviews. The effects are rapid, and it doesn't taste odd, so he will not realise you've taken anything.