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How do I get rid of spiders in my home?? I'm terribly afraid of them? Answered

I live in a mobile home. At this time of year insects thrive. Unfortunately, I'm terrified of most insects, especially spiders. Lately, I've found spiders on the kitchen cabinets and counters. Any suggestions on how to repel them from being in my home?? I hate to use insecticides, but will if I have to. I prefer a more natural type of repelling them. Thank you. Linda D.


The only sure way to prevent insect and spider infestations is to stop giving them food and water. You should not try to kill just the spiders, or you will end up with a roach and/or ant infestation too. (Personally, I am not fond of spiders, but I much prefer them to roaches.)

If you have sealed up the doorframes windowsframes and other crevices, you never leave dishes in the sink, never leave food uncovered, and never leave containers or puddles of water around, then it may be time for another solution.

Diatomaceous earth, provided you do not breathe it, is extremely safe for humans and pets. (You could even eat a small amount without much harm.) When in the "food grade" form (as opposed to "pool grade"), it scratches up bugs as they try to wash themselves, causing them to dehydrate. You can buy 5 pounds on Ebay for $5.32/lb, including shipping. (Those 25 pound bags are an even better deal. Just ignore the ridiculous health claims they make.) The best deal would be at a local farm supply store.

If you avoid eating or breathing it, boric acid is also a relatively safe insecticide.

But again, if you want to keep these creatures out of your home permanently, you must make your home less inviting to them. They will not remain for long after you remove their food and water.


3 years ago

im seeing about 6 or 7 a day should i call a pro or just stick to vacuuming ?

 Make sure you seal all possible cracks and entryways like said before. Also be sure to treat for all insects. Without other insects in your home, spiders will have nothing to feed on and won't be there. If you are still having problems, try mixing neem oil with your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle and spray areas where spiders might come in or be. Here's more on how to get rid of spiders


8 years ago

Also have a look at the Bugbuster spider catcher. Humane and effective, I have one and its great!

See it in action in this video clip!

I got mine on Amazon

I have not used one of those, but it looks like yet another useless gadget "for just one easy payment of $19.95 plus shipping and handling!".

Judging by the closed diameter shown in the pictures, it does not seem able to catch normal-sized spiders. Perhaps it would be handy for tarantula removal.

To Nobody in Particular Thank you for your suggestions. I keep a clean house so it's not that! However the problem has lessened. Thank you. Linda D.