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How do I get rid of the glare on a TV Frame. (Shiny TV Frame)? Answered

I'm on the market for a new TV, but I can't find the right TV without this shiny TV Frames. You know, the frame that surrounds the picture. I cant stand all the refection on that frame, it really bothers me.

How can I get rid of it?


Cover it with matte finish vinyl made for sign making/ graphics. This way it would be removable if you desire to sell the TV or something. Of course, you would need to be careful in applying whatever method you choose so as not to mark up or scratch your new TV.

paint the tv frame with chalk board paint. this is the least reflective paint there is on the market and it comes with the benefit of being able to write your notes on the tv.

I actually now somebody who did this to his car.

You could carefully mask it and spray with matte-paint.
But you might prefer to get some card and neatly cut a frame, attach with double-sided tape.



7 years ago

I'd try a scotch-brite pad, or synthetic steel wool. Just give it a little buff.


7 years ago

There are several brands of anti-glare spray on the market. Just mask it off and give it a coat of the anti-glare spray.
You can find it in many stores with a Google search.