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How do I get rid of the scratches that I made on the inside of a dishwasher door that has an almost mirror finish? Answered

I scratched it with a brush when trying to clean some discoloration that had happened. Now it looks horrible. It doesn't need to be perfect, but it needs to look alot better. I am the cleaning lady and it is not my dishwasher which is a Miele. I feel really awful about what has happened and hope that I can somehow make amends. Any suggestions?


It doesn't sound like this will be a deep scratch, and re-finishing to a mirror again is sometimes easier than trying to re-finish a brushed finish.

You could also use a standard metal polish like "Brasso" - it'll take a fair bit of elbow grease, or you could use a Dremel polishing tool and their polish.

Polish as already suggested should improve the look, but you may never get the original finish back. Check whether it's chrome-plate or stainless, I guess it's stainless (steel).



8 years ago

What is the material that you scratched made of? If it is plastic, you can buy a kit for polishing scratched plastic surfaces on boats and automobiles at most discount auto parts stores for $10  or so.