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How do I get started in Arduino/microchip programming? Answered

 I've been trying to find a VERY cheap (under 50 please!) way to start programming, since a project I want to do is too complicated and expensive for parts and actually planning it out.

So, what is the cheapest Arduino board or set or whatever they call them for a decent level of ability and ease of use?

Note: I have no experience WHATSOEVER with C, BASIC, VB, or any other programming language. (or building electronics, for that matter... but I tried once! [And failed VERY miserably])


I should learn some kind of programming first, make sure you can do that before you invest in any parts. Get a working BASIC for your PC and play with that to do simple things, and build your confidence.

The cheapest way to use an Arduino would be to buy one of these and wire your own computer up, but, if you've not got the electronic skills, you'd be better with one of these


Try it, see what you can do with it.

I'd suggest a classic BASIC
Take a look here www.qbasicstation.com/
and you can download a copy of QBASIC

Sure, its very old, its not exactly the current favoured programming flavour, but the concepts are the same.

There IS a good argument for suggesting C++ as a language to try, since Arduinos are programmed with something that looks uncannily like it.