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How do I get started? Answered

I've been looking around on here, and all i can find is Arduino stuff and stuff I don't have the money for. I'm a teenage American, I can't solder, and i don't have much wood, aluminium, or other construction supplies around to make things with, nor do i have construction skills or tools. I'm almost always without money, and I don't have a 3-Dimensional Printer / CNC machine / Hobby Club / TechShop / New-Wave Technology That's Required For This 'ible / Computer Program That Costs Lots Of Money/ Arduino or equivalent / Scrap Materials. Pretty much the only thing i could do decently is QBasic, which is hard to find inspiration for, and smashing things with a hammer. Now that I think about it, it's hard to find inspiration or a need for anything.

All things considered, how do I get started making Instructables on this site, and are there any good beginner projects that use ordinary household materials or very simple beginner programming languages?


No, I'm serious dude.All I want is some beginner projects that don't require materials tat cost a lot of money. It's hard to find them with all this Arduino stuff going on or that C123 or whatever it's called. If you're wondering about my username, I just like Sanford and Son.

Click on my user name - a large part of my portfolio is based of scraps and recycled materials.

Thanks Kite, that's just the kind of stuff i was looking for.

I just had an idea, maybe have the web admins implement a difficulty level thing and add that. Have it ask during the making of an instructable "What is the difficulty level" and add that to a filtering system.

That already exists - when you publish a project, there are sliders to indicate the price & difficulty.

It is a regular request to be able to use that data when searching or sorting.

Y'know we should really enquire as to how that information is used at some point, it must be kept somewhere... If it's accessible it could be jury rigged...

I really don't think it is used. I've never heard anybody at HQ even mention it.

That's a shame, really, as sorting by price & difficulty seem like obvious functions on a site like this.

They seem to reset when you go to the publish bit of editing, I can't tell if the info is even saved, though I find it unlikely it's not somewhere...

Same with the origami ones. Unless you're doing laser cut origami:

Hiya - you might like to look at the free stuff section on here, you could find things/materials that come into your home or you have exposure too then put that material into here - if you have loads of trash cardboard or paper etc put it into the site and you will be amazed at the things people create - - don't think trash can be cool - check out the guy on Youtube who built a bike out of cardboard - got some pretty good furniture on here as well.
Also if you have a cycle shop near you, ya might want to check out the section on recycled bike inner tubes (put - image recycled inner tubes into Google also) you might be amazed - my local shop throws away old inner tubes and let me have em for free.

Go for it.


Me again - how about this for a cool freebee maybe - check out some of the stuff made from old bike innertubes (I know - sounds rubbish right), some of the things guys and girls are coming up with is just amazing - check out the Joan of Arch Armour/suit thingy or the jewelry (sort of).
I only mention this because if you can find your local bike dealer that does repairs, they probably throw away old innertubes and will let you have them for free - how do I know - cos that is where I get mine.

See ya DZ

Hiya - how can I put this - - your already doing it already but ya just did'nt realize.
I would bet if you think about it there is something you do, or small mod you have made, hey or even a resource you exploit that we! might not know about or thought of - hey check out the free stuff on here that costs nothing or very little. Or - look at the things that come into your home on a weekly basis - plastic bottles, junk mail, pizza boxes, I don't know but ya get my drift (or there is always good ole dumpser diving).
My wife and I use junk mail to make recycled paper, I have just started making hooch using old 2litre plastic milk bottles, with small plastic coke bottles as an air lock, use it, exploit it, think right out of the box big time - just as a bonkers but very! cool example, check out the guy on Youtube etc that made a bike out of cardboard .
Bottom line - you sound like a guy looking for a outlet - that is what we are here for, use a different way of seeing things and remember an instructable does not need to be big and showy to be great, if you know something I don't and ya put it on here then WOW!, you helped me and others.
You will find a way - go for it.


Check out codeacademy if you want to learn the very basics of coding - like you, as a teenager (albeit with enough cash in hand to buy materials/tools on ebay etc) who doesn't have that mcu complicated kit, I really struggle with some of the 'ibles that say 'now grab your anglegrinder/3D printer/arc welder' etc. I recommend (as this is how I got into crafts/woodworking etc) buying a good knife (I favour Opinel atm, though there are tons of good ones out there), finding some sticks/logs/planks that are lying around and just whittling away. A good knife will set you back ~£15 (~$25?), and I normally grab a job/help out in my neighborhood if I want to make some spending money. Do you live in an urban or rural environment? And check if your house/family has a toolkit - there are a surprisingly large number of tools that can be made if you have a hammer and some nails....

Try this:
I made this with nothing but household regular items I think almost everyone has.

Broaden your searches. There are literally hundreds of projects that will cost you next to nothing and use materials you can find laying around the house or in the trash.


5 years ago

There are a lot of projects that don't require much in the way of skill, raw material and tools. Unfortunately there is no easy way to sort for them. You can try searching with the keyword beginner.  As well as looking at guides for beginners.   If you browse the Crafts section you can often find a lot of easy projects.

When it comes to materials to use in projects, Dollar stores are a really cheap source.  Also look around you home, stuff that you would normally recycle or throw out (cardboard, paper, bottles, containers and other junk can be reused or re-purposed.)