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How do I get the oil off my flyback transformer? Answered

A while back, I decided to submerge my flyback in canola oil to stop it from ruining itself. As it turns out, submerging a flyback in canola oil is a very stupid idea. I want to clean all the oil off of it so I can do it right the next time, but I have no idea how to safely do that without damaging the flyback. Can anyone help me out?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Wipe off as much oil as you can with a paper towel, then carefully wipe the coil clean with meths or rubbing alcohol. Allow the coil to dry then re-submerge in mineral oil. A good source of mineral oil is un-perfumed or hypo-allergenic baby oil. :)

I'll try this out (along with some of the other suggestions). Also, I do have a big bottle of mineral spirits, for some reason. Can that be used in place of mineral oil, or is it a bad idea?

Try kerosene. It shouldn't affect the insulation.

I don't have any kerosene at the moment. Will other solvents have a chance, of ruining the coil, or will any solvent do?


6 years ago

Canola oil is a vegatable oil so it's reactions to solvents might be different than
mineral oils. Also it eventually goes rancid. The best thing for cleaning anything of it is dish soap and water, but I don't know how that will affect your transformer. You might try putting it in fine sawdust to see if it will wick up most of the oil. It the transformer has paper layers you may never get it out of them.

That was what I was afraid of- a rotten transformer is not exactly the best thing to have around : /. I have a lot of sawdust lying around, though, so I'll give our method a shot, too. Thanks!