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How do I get wii to run a video file off a usb flash dribe? Answered

Converting the file via wii video 9 is required, right? Or is there some other method? As wii 9 causes the video file to bloat over 5 times larger.

Homebrew channel thing required? Is there any way to do it without a SD card? I don't think my PC has a port like that, even if I could borrow one from someone.

My firmware version is 3.4u.



8 years ago

I get to stream videos on my wii via the wifi connection, Got to install opera web browser on your wii (free on shop channel) and with Orb media manager on my pc (http://www.orb.com) also free to download. Of course, you'll need to have a network connection between the pc and the wii. No converting, no cd/dvd burning, no sd card used and you don't need to install Homebrew channel. As long as the internet channel works, you won't have to upgrade your wii, but it sure works fine with firmware 4.2u

But I don't wish to use stream video, I can download the whole video file for better quality play.  Plus some video I want to play isn't available for streaming.  Any way for me to play non-streaming video files on wii without homebrew? (or with, but without a SD card?)

when the streaming isn't enough, I use Mplayer CE for wii, it supports playing from a usb drive, but again, you need HBC to run it