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How do I go about persuading this girl I work with to go out with me? Answered

This normally wouldn't be a problem for me but the downfall of the situation is that she is 27 and I'm 20 years old. She has an amazing personality similar to mine, has the same taste in music as I do, and she has this amazing ability to understand my sense of humor. She even said to me "its a shame you're so young, you could've had a "maybe baby"" after we were done discussing our music taste. The thing is, she is very silly at times. Now what I mean by that is that she is goofy and very free-spirited when she works and converses with others. Which to me is the icing on the cake because it means I don't have to feel uptight and act like a tightwad when I'm around her. She has these amazing eyes that I stare into every time I speak with her which deter my focus away from her astonishing body which would be something I focus on with any other girl. Long story short, believe she likes me for me but I just don't know how to conquer the idea of the age difference in her head. Any help would be greatly beneficial and appreciated.



3 years ago

you're all so knowledgeable and upfront. I truly appreciate all of your help. I guess Ill have an update on how it goes within the week!

You really need to think of this superb desirable individual with her hopes, aspirations as so much more then an objective to be reached, then she will understand you as more then just any capable male. You need to stand out from the fray...

Ask her - she will say yes or no then rest is up to you.


**Just bear in mind that Repeatedly asking a co-worker on a date (when he/she has already said No) is Sexual Harassment. Not a great workplace practice right? :P

Serve the ball; I'ts up to her if she wants to volley it back :)

Good Luck !


3 years ago


My new possible son in law who my daughter is seriously considering is 7 years younger than her. Age is kind of pointless once you get past teenagers.


3 years ago

Im too old to ask girls out, Women may ask me ...

Women mature differently to Men...

This is why most girls in this age group are attracted to men of a higher age.

Love goes weird ways sometimes and if she claims age is the olny hurdle then just try to spend more time with her.

Maturity in this case can mean many things like good and stable income, a nice looking home, driving a proer car and not an old rust bucket.

Personal appearance also plays a role and I mean not just the looks but also how to act in public and interact with other people in conversations.

In any case if she can't find enough about you to keep her interested for more you might just have to suck it up and move on.

Give you best, be you best and win her heart - you have nothing to loose at 20 :)

When your 21 there will be no barriers between you. Right now the only real thing about the age difference is you cannot legal drink. Assuming you live in the US. Just keep it friendly and occasionally invite her out for some activities. Start with group activities and work your way down to a one on one.