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How do I go about splicing a regular headphone jack into a pair of air line headphones? Answered

I'm pretty sure i could just cut and splice but will i mess up the right/left orientation on them?


To be lazy, some dollar/discount stores (at least in Canada) carry an airline-headset adapter. It's the kind of thing that gets manufactured in bulk, but with little demand... so it ends up in a junk store waiting for someone like you to come along and snag it. If I were changing jacks, I'd probably rewire the whole thing rather than splicing. Pop apart the headset. Use a soldering iron to remove the old wires. Steal a cable and jack from another pair of headphones, or make a new one with some 4-conductor cable and a jack. Solder the new wires in place. Reassemble.

take 3... I wrote 2 replies to this but they went to the abyss as the ibles server went down (just as I posted) long story short: Use a headphone splitter for a dollar from a dollar store or online - save the cords for if you ever want to use them single...

if you mess up on the orientation, then you just have to switch two wires, not a big deal


9 years ago

the two jacks on headphones are a jack for left and a jack for right channel sound. cut the cord, find the two wires out of four that are the same color, and tie them to gether - those should be your ground. the other two cables are the positive terminals for the left and right channels. check pinouts.ru for a headphone jack wiring guide

You probably won't mess up the orientation, but if it sounds like you have you can just reverse them. They'll probably both be colour coded the same
Go for it.