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How do I grind up demagnetized neodymium magnets? Answered

I need to know so I can do a project oh and I cant think of a way aside from using a blender


Don't use a blender. Just smash them with a hammer. Once you get rid of the chrome coating on them they shatter pretty easily.

A hammer will do it. They are very brittle and will turn to powder on there own. Think of the magnets like a chunk of compressed wet sand. It can hold it's shape well, but when you crush it it breaks back up very easily.

That is silly !

An iron magnet will loose its magnetism in a fire


it will regain its magnetism when it cools back down.

Dont throw ceramic into a fire, sharp slivers can violently break off and pierce your face.

What's silly? Heating a Neodymium magnet till it looses it's magnetic strength?

I'll agree it's kind of silly to demagnetize it. Don't really see the point in collecting the demagnetized dust. If you have a good use for it let me know. I have a stack of HDD magnets nearly 2 feet long sitting at home. I used a heat gun to soften the glue and remove them from there metal plates. Also banged them around quite a bit both heated and not to remove them. So some of them are pretty weak right now. Be nice to find a project for the weaker ones. The strong ones may go into a DIY generator build some time in the future.

Some NIB magnets loose their magnetic field when cooled below their
negative Curie point ...

that is interesting to know

I don't think it is silly it worked I have the magnet right here it is cold and demagnetized I will re-magnetize the magnet "dust" later for the experiment.

To make a good magnet you will need to heat the material and send a small electric current through it to help re align the atoms. Then when it's cool again you send a large current through it to give it a good magnetic field. It will be very hard to do this to the dust. It would be better to leave them magnetized then crush them. Sure it's hard to work with but you'll maintain a good strong magmatic field. Nothing like you'll be able to create at home.

I have plenty of magnets I can just take another big one to the grinder until I have enough for the experiment it is an interesting experiment concerning magnetic fields

Looking forward to that instructable..


I threw the magnet inside a can into a fire and am currently using a grinder to make a fine powder because the hammer didn't work as well as I wanted to

Hi. We always advise people not to drill, grind or machine neodymium magnets as neodymium powder can be highly flammable. When neodymium magnets are manufactured they are machined using diamond edged, water-cooled machining tools.

Here's why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jy9qG81gx4M

ok thanks for the tip I will grind the powder into a bucket of water for safety thanks for the info