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How do I hang a heavy bag from a traditional plastered ceiling? Answered



Mount it in the ceiling using a wooden beam mount (Everlast sells one ~$14) and use a "heavy bag spring" to absorb some of the shock (Everlast sells these too, ~$5). Let me know how it turns out because I want to do the same thing.

Is this a full size bag? What about using an open doorway? I made a chin-up bar by securing a steel closet rod across the opening... I'm sure you could rig a mount of some kind and then hook the bag on (pulling it down when you're finished beating it to a pulp). Random thought...

If you really want to hang it from the ceiling, it's probably best to distribute the weight over several joists.
The joists are probably 16 inches on center. I would get 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch
angle iron 4 1/2 feet long and run it perpendicular to the joists. 4 1/2 feet of
angle iron should be long enough so that you can anchor into four different joists.
I would probably put a thin 1/8 " strip of rubber between the ceiling and angle iron to absorb shock and protect the ceiling, and secure the angle iron with four 5/16 lag screws 3 long , one screw in each joist. It's best if you drill pilot holes for the lag screws . Drill a hole at the mid-point of the angle iron so you can hang the bag from an s-hook
Note: you are risking hitting electrical wiring when drilling into ceilings and walls, so try to figure out how the room is wired and proceed with caution.
Well all of the above is just a suggestion ,so try at your own risk. If you knock
yourself out, I am not responsible.

Maybe you should wait until it sobers up. ;-)

you can buy this at Sears for $99.00 and it really does not take a lot of room...Century Heavy/Speed Bag Stand Sears item# 00614793000 Mfr. model# 10870

you have to find the Joists in your ceiling and anchor it to them although not advised if its an old building

There are electronic devices available at hardware stores to find the beams behind the plaster, they are about $20 to $50 though. Just thought I'd mention it.

connect to a support or (better) a pyramid with big base that stands on your floor be cautious with dynamic loads. your bag is not that heavy to damage the building by its own. but if you beat it hard you may loosen and break the construction there was once a bad construction method for concrete structures known as pal-kal. basically there was just concrete with very weak metal reinforcements inside. those constructions failed several times. in theory the construction is about to fail every minute. in practice in all of the known cases (except one) what triggered the failure was a dynamic load

the weight of the heavy bag will not be supported by plaster. Even if your plastered ceiling could handle the weight of the bag alone the additional stress of hitting the bag will spell disaster.

You will need to attach your bag to a ceiling joist (length of beam transversing the room under the plaster or gypsum ceiling) and even then you should use caution as you will be point loading a member which might not be able to handle the additional load.

If you live in an apartment then i would advise against this for 2 reasons, you will be stressing a joist which is not designed for this, and the vibrations from you hitting the bag wil resonate throughout the building, making your neighbours hate you forever (true story as I live in a building that this happens in)

If it's in the basement of your own house and you are committed to your sport then I would suggest laminating another joist onto the joist you wish to hang your bag from. If you do a good job of this then you should have no problems, if you do a hack-job then you might end up with a split joist and the potential to unsettle the level above you. Whatever your choice, be smart and make an informed decision. Good luck!

Your better bet is to get a stand for the bag- the vibration of the bag being hit can damage the plaster and cause cracking.