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How do I have DirectX 11? Answered

So, somehow my computer running Vista & a 8500 GT thinks it has DirectX 11, and I'm trying to figure out how that works.  It's even an nVidia card, they don't even have cards or drivers for Dx11 out.  I just ordered a Radeon HD 5770 for the Dx11 support and I'm feeling a bit cheated (not a big ATI fan). It'd sure be peachy if I could somehow run Dx11 games on my nVidia card (not that a 8500 GT could handle it, but perhaps a GTX 260).  It's probably just some sort of wacky glitch with the frontend and I don't ''really'' have Dx11, but you never know...  Anywho, anyone have an inkling what's up with this?



Best Answer 8 years ago

To my knowledge, DirectX 11 is more or less an extension of 10, and maintains backwards compatibility with it.  Chances are it was updated automatically with Windows Updates.

Most of the changes to DirectX with regards to graphics can even be utilized by cards boasting DirectX 9.  However, some of the improvements (such as adding hardware-based tessellations) are not applicable without a DirectX 11-capable card.

Incidentally, the card will not limit which version of DirectX you can install - it merely prevents you from seeing all the improvements.  So yes, you have DirectX 11, but your graphics will look like DirectX 10 for the most part.


8 years ago

check dxdiag
goto start>run>dxdiag and see what it says in there..or is that DX diagnostics?


Answer 8 years ago

The second screenshot is of the dxdiag window, a.k.a. the "DirectX Diagnostic Tool".