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How do I hook my gas water heater to a wood stove safely? Answered

I heat my house with a barrel stove(w/plenum surround) that is in my basement. My propane water heater is 3 feet away and I wonder if I can add a coil of sometype and connect to the water heater and be able to control the water temp. Are there any plans out ther? Thanks for your help, David


I suppose you could route the cold water thru a coil and then into the water heater, using the wood stove as a preheater...would need few additional components (maybe a one way valve and a pressure relief between the coil and inlet on the water heater), so no significant added cost or complexity that might be associated with a secondary controller. I don't know of any plans specifically and am speaking off the of of my head. However, having said that I'm sure there are.

btw I got quite a few hits on "preheat with wood stove" on a quick yahoo search"..(hint)

Is a propane water heater a big tank, or is it an instant thing ?