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How do I improve my singing voice? Answered

Please help me or give me a link to an instructable.


Join a choir. They will teach you how to sing. Granted, if you want to sing like a lounge singer, the training will help you to learn control and proper breathing, slewing, etc, but you'll have to learn how to emulate your favorite stylistic singer elsewhere, since choirs aren't about being individual, although their training is about as good as anything you can get short of hiring a teacher, and imo, perhaps a bit better than having a personal trainer/teacher.

In short...Learn to breathe learn to project, learn to slew, learn to hit the note right the first time.

Stand straight. Open your mouth a little wider than you would while speaking (not a lot, I've seen people go way overboard with it). Use a neti pot or equivalent to clean out your sinuses. Make sure you're singing in your natural range (I have to sing very low to hit notes in most songs, think Louie Armstrong with less talent). Listen to recordings of yourself or as odd as it sounds, sing in rock band. You'll learn how far off your pitch is. Very few people have perfect pitch because their skull transmits sound differently than air. That makes you sound different to yourself than you do to other people. There are a million other things you can do but those are some of the basics that will get you more mileage early on.


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