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How do I influence the RNG on a slot machine????? Answered

How do I influence the RNG on a slot machine that I bought???. Its a penny machine called " The best things in Life" . Thanks. AL.




Best Answer 7 years ago

I give you the start of a Nevada answer
Like most precious things "tamper proof" does not exist !
Resistance does not exceed value protected.
Telling you more when you learn answer value

If I am betting .60 cents and get all the boats across the bottom line , not in the bonus, what do I win?


can you please repeat the answer on how to influence the RNG

Where did you buy it? The original source should have the documentation and security access keys you need.

Otherwise you are soliciting for accomplices in illegal activity. Presumably your postings have already been recorded and flagged for monitoring.

Gaming keeps long records,
casinos, manufacturers and the gaming commission.

Not with magnets and that's for sure.


If you own the machine legitimately, it will have come with information telling you how to set the pay-out rate which is going to be behind lock and key and passwords. If you got it second hand without keys and/or instructions, contact the manufacturer, prove that you own it, and talk to them about whether they can provide the missing security information for that specific machine.

If you don't already have the hardware and software keys, and aren't able to prove that you own it legitimately... forget it. These machines are designed VERY carefully to resist tampering. In that case, you might as well gut it and install completely new hardware and software.


7 years ago

I believe that they are designed to be tamper proof. So most likely you can't.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. AL.