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How do I install Fedora 10 in a system already installed with XP.? Answered

I have a laptop with windows XP [32 bit] on it. I have just got Fedora 10. How do I do it. Sorry, I have never installed any other OS on my system.


When you install fedora there will be an option to overwrite all the data. if you don't want to play around with partitions buy a cheap hard drive and use it a the fedora drive

to install just fedora and blow away all XP data, just put in the fedora disc and install it on your XP disc. to install fedora AND XP at the same time, its a bit harder, but not really. first you have to shrink your XP partition then install fedora on the newly made blank partition. when you start up you should now have a choice between XP or Fedora