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How do I install a switch to disable the LCD screen on a Sony CFD-S05 CD/Cassette player? Answered

I would like to install a switch to disable the LCD screen on my Sony CFD-S05 CD player, while keeping the functioning of the player the same.  In other words, I want the capability of completely turning off the screen so you can't see anything.  The screen is not backlit.  This is for a special project I'm working on which I don't really want to go into detail on, but it's very important and I'm hoping you guys can help me.   I can provide pictures if you'd like....just tell me specifically what you need!


There's a signal used to drive the "back plane" of the LCD - shut that off, and it SHOULD stop the display.


thanks so much for your reply! I finally found the service manual after alot of searching (I had to pay for it). I found segments of the manual that show the schematics of the LCD screen and how it's connected, but it's still very confusing to me. I'll try to upload some pictures and hopefully you can help further and tell me the next step!

Looks like you really need to break the FOUR lines COM1,2,3,4, with something like a 74HC125 tri-state buffer. COnventiently, you can just lift the resistors that have been provided, and insert leads to the chip.

Here's a PDF


Connect your inputs FROM com1 etc on the driver to the A pins, Connect the B pins, via the resistors to the display, and connect all the "G" pins together, to a switch.

Steve, thanks again for the info. I'm not sure if you get notified when I post a reply on the question so I'll also drop you an email and you can reply back on my Question here. thanks!!! progress is being made..........