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How do I join 2 lightweight steel tubes at the joint where they can rotate and lock? Answered

I'm trying to build a "on body" harness rig and I need to find some sort of joint connector that allows the steel tube to rotate up and down. It should rotate like a beach chair or the lid on a laptop, but I need it to lock in place where ever I stop rotating it. The circumference of the steel tubing is about the circumference of a finger.  The steel is also lightweight and almost feels like aluminum. Does anyone know where would I find a steel tube joint connector that would do the trick?


That's exactly what i'm looking for. Do you know where i can get them for cheap? I checked ebay and nothing came up.

Not sure how much they cost, site is blocked at work, but look on the manufactures site, you may be able to get a sample for free or at a reduced price, or contact their customer service and see if they do samples. That's more of an electronics industry thing but it's worth a try.

They may be hard to find outside of the manufacture. You may be limited to ordering them directly.