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How do I keep a pack of stray dogs off my property? Answered

My office has about 5 acres of land, not fenced in.  A neighbor across the street raises and breeds dogs.  When I arrive at work in the morning, I am greeted by anywhere from 5 to 10 dogs.  What can I do to run them away and keep them away?  We do not have a dog here, but there is a cat that came with the property that we feed.
Thank you for any help.


I'll presume you live in a more rural area. Contact your county animal control center or sheriff. If the neighbor is running a dog mill, the neighbor can damn well afford to fence his/her operation in.


2 years ago

I assume he does not want to be a good neighbor.

I would tackle his bottom line and post wrong doing activity to his web pages or put a sign where the prospective dog buyers could easily see, that says

WARNING Dangerous ill Mannered Dogs

Or rent dogs in heat or any other distraction like traps that cost him dog pound license dollars to retreve...

If your office is in town there are probably rules against firearm discharge. As well as dog farms in town..


2 years ago

Rifle. If they are stray, on your property, and a threat, then that should be perfectly fine and legal.

He doesn't have a fence?

Simple. Call the police :)


2 years ago

I had an annoying dog barking across the fence.

All it took was three evenings with a water mister and a few drops of ammonia.

When the dog approached the fence, I would mist the air and make a hissing sound.

After three days all I had to do was hiss and the dog would retreat into his owners garage leaving my family to enjoy garden evenings with out the barker.

We also have a pet dog that can go off at any noise and would bark his head off if we did not have an ultrasonic "phaser" that disrupts the thought process long enough for Fido to hear us say "quit it" which he does because dogs live in the NOW and the bark reason was in the past.

Ultrasonic repellents
are also motion-activated. You can mount several of the mechanisms on little posts so that as the dogs approach, it will trigger the sensors,
causing unpleasant sonic and ultrasonic sound waves to repel your invaders.

Good luck and you can always shoot them with a paint gun if everything else fails.

+1 on the ammonia

Since you're at work, you won't be able to mist them, so try a watering can of strong ammonia solution and lay a boundary line around your property, or between your property and the dog-breeder's. Refresh it every so often.

Plus, the breeder has a responsibility to keep their dogs under control - if they are wandering off their land, they are not under control. You could send the breeder a letter on your business-headed paper and remind them of the relevant local laws and regulations, with a polite request that they take "appropriate steps" to prevent their animals trespassing/fouling on your land, or you would "regretfully be forced to take legal steps to ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers" (dog mess is a serious health issue, and I'm sure you can find somebody to say they feel threatened by the animals' behaviour...) - ie they fence their animals in or you sic the lawyers on them.


2 years ago

You don't give any clue as to where you are from. That is a pretty important factor in an answer.

Where I live it is legal, although not very neighborly, to shoot animals that are causing trouble on your property. So that is a possibility.

The big problem with dogs is that they form packs and run together and kill wildlife and livestock. The last time we had a big problem with a dog pack that killed a bunch of sheep and chickens, several of the deputy sheriffs teamed up with some agents from fish and game and they hunted the dogs down and shot them all. After that people didn't let their dogs run loose, especially at night.

You might file a complaint with the local law enforcement and let them know you feel threatened by the dogs. They should talk to the neighbor. If they don't listen then sue them.

Shoot them is the best option.
If they are from your neighbour than he has to make sure they stay on his property simple as.
Not having a fence does not help either for obvious reasons.