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How do I keep my scratch made Pizza Dough soft and chewy, not tough? Answered

I make a yeast dough ahead of time in a bread maker.  Unfortunately the dough must usually sit out a couple of hours because I have no timer on my dough setting.

Does overproofing make dough tough?  How can I reduce this effect

Are there other things I can do to make my dough "tender?"


Add a little powdered milk to the dough.... it works in frybread :)

I am using a bred machine to make the dough, so the only option I have is to adjust ingredients.

Where is a good place to start?

Try putting a container of water in the oven when you cook the Pizza - This creates steam and give a soft crust.

yeah I've put some pineapple essence in the water. smells great along with the cheese and chicken


7 years ago

Don't over knead the dough. Working the dough too much makes it tougher.
Measure ingredients precisely, by weight rather than volume for solid ingredients, if possible.
Let the dough rest at least 30 minutes before kneading.
Practice and keep notes for future reference on any changes you make.
Find a different recipe if you can't get the current one to perform to your liking.