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How do I know how fast of a spring my airsoft A.E.G can handle? Answered

I have a JG MP5K A.E.G that I want to upgrade. It has a high torque motor and it has an 8.4 volt 1600 mah battery. I am looking for an M110- M120 spring. And if I upgrade the spring will there be any other parts that I have to upgrade? I dont know what spring it has right now. I am pretty sure it has a version 3 gearbox but it might be version 2.


at least 9.6v.  you might want to look into finding out what kind of gearbox it is.  if you think u can handle ~500 fps do a whole gearbox change.  if u have any questions pls reply.

sincerely, pufferfish9108 

p.s. be careful because i modded my ak47 and let my friend use it and i used his gun.  ok i know   what you'll it was really stupid and it broke skin @ about 600 fps that hurt

I'm only looking for about 350 to 400 FPS. Do you think a version two gearbox would handle an m120 spring without other mods? I know it has all metal gears.

I just figured out that the gun has a version three gearbox.

If you want to pull back a larger spring, the  thing you would upgrade (if you had to) would be the motor. If anything. Most metal gearboxes will hold up to anything under 12 volts, so don't be afraid about putting a LiPo battery in there.
And no matter what ANYONE says, never use .12g BB's! The inside of all .12g bbs are hollow ( thus making them light) which causes them to shatter when hit and cause jamming. Use at least .20g BB's. If you using a M120 spring you should use .25-.28s since the barrel isn't that long and you have a high power spring in there.

Do I need an upgraded motor because it is already high torque and I dont want to spend very much money on this.

most standard aegs have m110 and most snipers have a m120 so if you get an m120 you will probably get around 500 F.P.S with .12 gram bbs

can you supply a link?

And in general, I'd upgrade the battery to at least a 9.6 volt and make sure you have a metal gearbox. You could also consider upgrading the gearset too. But to really help you, i'd need a link. (reply to this post)