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How do I know whether or not by grade 8 crush likes me? Answered

I'm in grade 6 and I really like this guy but he's in grade 8 and I rarely ever see him. I only started seeing him more when he got in trouble so when I enter the school in the morning he's always there facing the door helping with the lunch "tickets" that I get everyday just to get his attention and even then it feels like he likes me but I'm not sure because he's always so emotionless around me and when I go to get lunch with my best friend, my crush only says hi to my best friend and looks at me I always feel he's eyes on me the only time we ever talked was when I first meet him I asked his name and he smiled and replied, the second was at lunch when I was laughing like crazy and he came up to us and started laughing too cause he over heard me saying something so weird and crazy to a friend of mine and everyone was like what, so yah I really don't know if he likes me or not?, I keep getting mixed messages and somethings it feels like he's ignoring me

By the way I'm 5'3 and he's like 5'7 or 5'8 (I don't know why I added that in :>) and he's like the jock of the school, he's popular, cool, and calm and I'm well known around the school but I wouldn't say I was popular, I'm too confident for my own good and I'm not afraid to voice out my opinions and I think that me and my crush are a perfect match


If you don't talk regularly then you have nothing to build on. If you can't talk regularly then move on. He will be in High School next year and even if you manage to start a relationship with him over the summer he will likely dump you before the next school year cause he won't want anything to do with a Middle School kid when he hits High School. Bottom line is you need to talk to him.

For anyone else reading this looking for relationship advice. If your not old enough to drive your not old enough to worry about starting any kind of romantic relationship. If you are not at least friends with any prospective romantic attachment and not talking on a regular basis you have no foundation to build any kind of relationship on. Your just barely into puberty. You have all sorts of hormones running through your system. You have social pressure to have a romantic attachment. Yet your minds are still developing and those hormones are messing with your brains hard core. You have nothing but time so stop trying to make things serious. Your all still just kids. Make friends, have fun in groups. Don't limit yourself to a single person at this point. Get yourself into a good group of friends (boys and girls). Then get together as a group regularly and go out and do things together. If relationships develop and start to turn romantic then so be it. Stop trying to force it to happen, just let it happen.

wish there was a way to have a selection of boiler plate answers. This goes in my list. Nicely done.


3 years ago

I was way more impressed with smart girls. How are your grades? Do you understand geometry? How about simple algebra? Maybe you should spend your time getting smart which is actually the entire reason that the government spends all that money on you. They pay for you to get smart and educated, not to get a boyfriend. Figure out the reason you are in school and capitalize on that. It's the only time your going to get something like an education for free.

My grades are good, I'm a straight A student and so is he, and sometimes if we talk we understand what each other is talking about, and by the way I'm talking about romance don't education

Talk to him, it's practice for the more lasting relationships you'll have as you mature, but don't plan on taking it much further.


You probably don't want to hear this, but I am speaking from decades of working with young people your age: a grade 6/8 relationship is unlikely to be a healthy one. Mid-teens boys genuinely have one thing on their minds, and it is neither romance, nor lasting companionship.

Even if your relationship lasts, there will come a time when the specific differences in your ages makes his actions borderline criminal, and that can (will) have long-term consequences for you both (I know of a case in my local area, (which will be hitting the press when it goes to court in the next few weeks) with very similar ages to your situation, where he has now been added to the list of registered sex offenders and her relationship with her family has been wrecked (as has her personal reputation)).