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How do I learn to play the sit tar? Answered

Hi i heard some music by this old gropu called the beatles and some of the songs had a sit tar in it.  How can I make one and learn to play it as fast as possible?


i cant believe you just heard of the beatles! they are the biggest british band of all time!!! that was voted by a bunch of music teachers, pros, ect.


8 years ago

The Beatles spent lots and lots of mind expanding time in India with a particular Yogi. I love this funky instrument and have answered a question before about "what string instrument should I learn next". When I found this image it was a "mini" for sale on ebay for $50. I think to purchase and then learn is your best bet. slow your roll dude


couldnt i learn to play it from a book. i can't go to india for lessons right now.

You can learn how to make one by searching for "sitar" (knowing how to spell words correctly will go a long way toward finding information). The faster you move your fingers, the faster it will play.

1. I doubt if you can make one.

2. Learning is largely a matter of practice and finding a good teacher. As this is an Asian Indian instrument you might find this difficult.