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How do I lift and repair a concrete slab in a walk? Answered

how do I lifta broken coner of a concrete slab in the walk at the front of my house?


Concrete is a flexible building material during construction, and a nightmare to repair once poured. If you wish to reuse the portion 'broken' off, you'll need a pry-bar to lift. If you don't care to keep the broken portion then use a sledgehammer and knock it into pieces you can handle.

If there's a crack in your slab then it may be from settling. Depending on how much it has settled you can 'fix' it by applying grout into the crack (assuming the crack is around 13mm (1/2") or less. If the crack is larger there may be larger  then you may need to lift the broken portion and re-level the base, this is more work and re-leveling may be finicky. If you lift and re-level it's a good idea to grout between the detached piece as well when reinstating the corner.

Consider that almost any repair to concrete is going to look inconsistent. The grout method will look like a fill in the gap, a new pour will look newer compared to the older stuff, and lifting the portion and re-leveling the broken corner may result in a corner that heaves in freezing weather. If your walk is older it may be time for a new walkway, maybe something different. Good luck.


It depends on the size of the slab, but it is usually done with a pair of crow-bars (pry-bars) and a friend; Push one in, lift the slab a little, and hold. Your friend pushes their bar in, and lifts the slab a little more. You take turns lifting a fraction of an inch until one of you can get the bar completely under the slab. At that point, you switch to bare hands and straight backs to bodily lift the slab up onto its edge.

Dig under a sturdy edge enough to get a 1 ton. bottle jack under it. Raise it up just a little higher than you want it to be. It will settle some. Block it up with rocks, bricks or a piece of steel. Make sure it won't fall. Remove the jack. Mix some conc. or sack-crete with not much water. You want it to stay where you put it not run off. Pack the concrete under the walk. let it dry and fill in the remaining hole. Sometimes it's better and easier to just pour on top of what's there and end up with a level walk so give that a thought before you start working.