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How do I load the WIreless drivers onto linux to allow it to work on a dual bootable linux-windows computer? Answered

I loaded Linux Ubuntu onto a ASUS 1005 making the computer dual bootable, windows-linux. I can access the wireless router thru windows but am unable to access it via linux. When I went into the cmd menu I was able to see that the router was disabled and disconnected. I was unable to find the required .inf file to load as the driver for the wireless router. I would appreciate any help that you can provide.


...and you shouldn't need drivers for your router. Linksys has a bunch of propaganda self-setup programs for windows that won't work for linux. These programs aren't necessary to run the card - just override the windows wireless config. Same story in another operating system - and for the most part the os should see the card out of the chute.

How do I override the windows wireless config? Thank you, Your advise has been most usefull!

by installing the wireless software that came with the wifi card - its not necessary to use - just adds its own program instead of using the windows wireless configuration 'program'.


8 years ago

You need the .Inf file for the wifi card not the router and it is usually Included with the windows driver

This is probably not the best place to ask a Linux question, but here goes.
See what happens if you type lspci

Can Linux see your card at all ?
If it can, then, from the command line type dmesg | more scroll through the result and look for the lines relating to PCI (assuming its on PCI bus and not a USB dongle) See what Linux is trying to do with your card.

There are various ways round the problem - there is something called NDISwrapper which can use a Windows Driver in Linux, and you might, once you know more about your card from lspci and Dmesg, find a driver.