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How do I make a Borg Costume Answered

How do I make a Borg Costume?


It's been a couple of years since last comment to this but having built a Borg here is my input, hope it helps. I started with hockey equipment as the base for the torso, attached peices of pond liner (makes great flexible armour pecies, etc.), bolted on additional plastic peices stolen from hockey pants, used foam tubing and automotive wire, spark pulg wire holders for the Borg's wiring. A section of a fishing rod case was the base for the Borg arm, a toy robot "grabber" was dismantled and rebuilt into the arm to create a handle to open and close the "grabber". Some old computer parts, coloured wire, anything that looks mechanical and some led lights completes the arm. I used a kid's spy toy for the head peice. Holds to your head with a functional telescoping arm that drops a magnifying glass in front of your eye, I added some kalaidascope style material to make it holographic like. On the other side it come with a spring loaded arm that drops and lights up a red led lite, pretty cool! $25.00 bucks at a science store. Paint everything black except for the accents wires, etc. Add leds powered by battery packs, face paint, white latex glove and you are good to go! Oh and it helps to be shaved bald!! Here is a pic.

camera downloads file 008.jpgcamera downloads file 009 avatar version.jpg

You can start out with a pair of cheapo over the ear/neckband type headphones. Scrounge up all of the plastic packaging you find that has molded in shapes. Spray paint them on the inside with black paint. Use those molded egg-carton recycled-paper packaging also. Cut pieces and put together with a bunch of black tie-wraps or ape-brand polyurethane glue. Get some black rubber tubing from an auto-shop or home center route it all over and glue or tie-wrap down. Find yourself a black shiny material or leather-type outfit. Attach various panels and tubing or thick wire all over the place. Attach some LEDs or a red colored mini-flashlight. Don't use a laser pointer at eye level though. Have fun!

Hmm, I would try to get a plan set up as to exactly how you want it to look, first.
Do you want the side plate, like in the first pic below, does it need the eye piece as in the second picture, or the full mask and body suit? Looks like a lot of work, but then, it certainly would be quite the costume too :-)
One last picture, shows how you could make this humorous if you wanted to

And while we're at it, this link here might help with the ''artwork''


I relly would like to have the full suit as sean below


It looks like a lot to do, unless you can find something that gives you a bit of a head start.

Hmmm. Sounds awesome. Well, you'll need some kind of dark material for the body. Probably plaster and lots of makeup for the face...