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How do I make a DIY gel wrist support? Answered

I really wanted to MAKE a "gel" wrist support for someone for Christmas.  The prices are outrageous.  Can someone tell me if it's possible to create this at home?  Thanks.



6 years ago

Well, I confess I wimped out on this one. I happened to find a bunch of keyboard wrist supports at Big Lots (clearance store) for only $4.

If you can sew a little, you should be able to make the wrist wrap with some fabric and elastic with velcro tabs to adjust. The splint can be anything rigid from a piece of aluminum bar or shaped wood. Scavenge an old mouse pad to use for the gel insert or use some dense foam footpad shoe inserts. Just look at the ones out on the market for your design. Good luck.

To clarify, I want to make a wrist support for a computer keyboard tray. I have the material used to cover these, which is just swimsuit material. But what could I fill it with to get the "gel-like" feeling? Not rice or fabric stuffing. Thanks!

I made my own wrist support using air pockets that are packed in shipping small items. It conforms well to the wrist and is replaceable if you need more air. Plus, it didn't cost a thing!

you can look up "stress balls" and fill up a balloon bladder with flour or get microbeads.