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How do I make a Flowbee or Robocut? These products break down. I want to join my good clippers to a vacuum hose. Answered

I like the concept (however cheesy) of the Flowbee or Robocut but I am nervous after reading reviews complaining of cutters that jam, overheat or fail due to overall flimsy components and construction. I have durable, very high quality hair clippers that I'd like to attach to a vacuum hose, so that I could enjoy a mess-free haircut without the worry of Robocut's cheap moving parts breaking down.



8 years ago

I am interested in this idea as well. Anyone ever attempt this? As for being "reasonable", there are quite a few instructables on this site that are not reasonable. Sometimes people want to be self sufficient. Anyone able to discuss the difference in the cutting blade designs of the Flowbee, Robocut, and regular hair clippers? Thanks, KP


10 years ago

It is not reasonable to make your own, clippers are not the same cutting blade design so it won't work very easily or well. Flowbee does sell replacement parts when something breaks, I would expect the primary problem people have is not oiling it often enough and cleaning it periodically.