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How do I make a HERF gun from a magnetron? Answered

So I saw this post here and I too am feeling creative and wanting to make a portable HERF gun powerful enough to make a ripe piece of fruit explode within less than 1 second. So here's some ideas about how this thing works:

1. The device would use a an appropriately sized vacuum magnetron with an electromagnet The current fed to the magnetron's electromagnet would be a rectified sine wave at the resonant frequency(oscillating current flowing in but not out of the electromagnets coils). The purpose of this technique is to use resonance to turn the magnetron into an amplifier as well as an oscillator so it functions as a maser of sorts(not sure if this has ever been done before).

2. This thing is going to need a lot of power, and I have a solution: pneumatic electricty. The electricity would be produced by means of a high speed electric motor with permanent magnets(which can act as a generator)that is capable of spining several hundred RPM without frying itself. This genemotor would be driven by a turbine spun by by outflow from a cylinder containing compressed air. When the trigger is pulled, the cylinder valve opens and the air is released into a small turbine chamber and then expelled out an exhaust tube extending out the back of the gun. My 1st choice of material for the gas canister is titanium since it has to be both compact and capable of storing compressed air at up to 1000psi(or above).

But the big unknowns are a)how much power will be needed to suplly the magnetron and the RF oscillator/rectifier, b) how fast the generator will need to rotate to produce that power ,c) how much pressure is necessary in the compressed air canister, and d)what material I will need the canister to be made of.

Any suggestions? Thoughts? Comments?


Josehf: Your idea of using a hobbyist gas jet engine(since it has a turbine)is a great one! So what I will need to do is find one were I can attach a rotating crankshaft to the turbine axle to drive the electric generator as well as put the air intake valve on top of the device as the air enters a chamber prior to being sucked into the engine. The crankshaft passes through this chamber and turns the generator.

Sounds like a fun project but for the pneumatic electricity might I suggest a hobby gas jet engine it would be smaller lighter and they are as little as $100.oo.

And as a side benefit the minijet engine exhaust could be easily turned to a directed plasma
stream for the duration of the trigger press !