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How do I make a Jacobs ladder play music? Answered

I know theres a plasma speaker but I can't follow the plans for that I just need to know how to make an NST jacobs ladder play music I think with a 555 timer but I've never done it...?


What didn't you like about the previous responses?  Since you already marked a Best Answer, you must have been satisfied four days ago.  If you want the discussion to continue, you can Unmark Best Answer.

The one guy just kept telling me to go to the plasma speaker thing I clearly stated I was new to this and didn't understand that yet he said it again, sorry I didn't realize I marked a best answer.

Ah, okay.  Well, if you're new to electronics, this may or may not be the best project for you to try first. 

I just read the discussion you had with Steveastrouk.  His point is that you will learn more by trying a project yourself, experimenting, making mistakes, then fixing them, than if you just have someone do it for you (or give you a recipe).

If you want recipe electronics projects, there are lots of books out there.  Just use Amazon.com and look for "electronics projects."  If you want to learn how something works so that you can modify it, or do it differently, then Steve's suggestion is not a bad one.

O I plan on much of that but those books won't tell me how to do this, and I'm 15 I don't have a job and I can't do too much cause the parents don't like it.

What part of the electronics stuff don't they like?  The "high voltage"?  The "fire"? 
Blech.  I hope that in 5-10 years, when my daughter is old enough to start breaking fixing things, I will be more tolerant :-)

Skills with electronic assembly and design are quite marketable.  You might consider choosing some projects to start with that are perhaps more boring, but also seem more "professional."  Then you can make the argument that you're learning something valuable (and once you get past those bits, play around with HV, voltage multipliers, caps, etc. :-).

Anyway, I understand a little better your situation, and hope you can make the most of it.  Good luck!

Well I have 4 younger sisters and they are very worried that one of them will stumble into my room somehow turn on my transformer and like bite it and die, so it would be fine with them and they'd probably fund it for me if I didn't have the younger siblings.

So you're the oldest?  So you're supposed to "set the example"?  Oh, crap, I'm about to sound like a parent; sigh...

What about keeping your projects and workstation locked?  You know those old-style desks where the flat part folds up and covers things?  They're called "secretaries" if you go to an antique store. 

What about asking your parents if you can get one from a local thrift-store, and "promise" to keep your stuff locked up when you aren't actually working on it?  Besides reassuring them, it also means that the kid sisters won't accidentally break something.

I've had to do the same sort of thing (keeping my tool box locked), so that my two-year-old daughter doesn't play with the _real_ drill bits instead of her plastic ones ;-)

Hi, Steve.  "Secretary" or "secretary desk" is the American term.  "Secretaire" (without accent acute) is an alternative.  The term for this style of desk dates from 1818, and is derived from the fact that secretaries sit at it.  The term for the occupation dates from the 1400s.  Google Is My Friend.

theres 3 oder than me...one going to college one living on his own and one thats like never here but he does sleep here and come back to eat the food haha