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How do I make a LED clock where the hours and minutes (within 5 mins) are both LED displayed like a analog clock? Answered



7 years ago

Make a propeller clock and not the wimpy edgy commercial one.

Did you at least image "LED CLOCK" on Google.


I'm not familiar with a propeller clock. And yes, I checked Google. It was the only one I really checked. They had several 'kits', but nothing as complex as I want to make. I was hoping that with all the 'techie's' posting tips, etc, someone might be able to direct me to instructions (or at least the schematic) for building it.

The propeller clock full build plans are here for your click.
Found under propeller clock kit
And some conceptual pictures.

Also looking for source of the 14566 CMOS a perfect time base for your
LED clock IC.  If you Find a source for the 14566 I will draw up a circuit.



I've been looking for LED clock kits for months ans all clock kits I've found seem to be digital or analog with hands. My goal is to build an analog clock with 12 (hour) LEDs as the outside circle and 60 LEDs in a inside circle. If need be, the inner circle could be reduced to 12 LEDs (representing 5 min increments).

Well, I'd put one or more bicolor LEDs pointing to each of the 12 points of the clock face, using one color for hours and the other for minutes (and the combination of colors when both hands are pointing at the same place, though of course simply having only one LED or row of LEDs lit will tell you that).

Then you need a stable timebase and either a few divider circuits (to derive the once-every-five-minutes and once-every-hour stepping behavior) or a microcontroller with appropriate software.