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How do I make a Sound Activated RGB LED Color Controller? Answered

I'm building a mau5head costume for an upcoming deadmau5 concert, and I've been baffled as to how to make a sound activated controller for the RGB LEDs I'm going to put into the eyes.

The end goal is to have the colors change on bass hits, much like professional DJ lights do when on sound to light mode. I've been looking for a solution to this for a few days, but simply can't find one. I'm hoping someone here can help

Here's a visual of what I'm hoping to achieve (beginning at 1 min in):

(I realize these are MIDI controlled via a usb in the back, I just want the same effect)

Money is not really an object, but would prefer to keep it as cheap as possible.

The LEDs are 4 pin (Red, Green, Blue, Ground)


I found this site that sells them cheaper than others and have many options mateokids.cl/deadmau5/?p=16

They have the LED equalizers too

. Try plugging "Sound Activated Color Controller" into the search above.

Only relevant return I got on that search was this question.

. Trudge on, my friend. There's more than just the first page of results.

I don't know what you're seeing, but I'm only seeing case mods for 360s, and fader based RGB controllers.

I looked up color organ before, but all I saw was making leds flash to sound, not change color.

Yup, as simple as an edge detection circuit -- analog would work. low pass on the input to filter out bass, monostable 555 to trigger hit 'flashes', and a decade counter to cycle different colours through a diode network.