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How do I make a battery-operated signaling light that can be wirelessly turned on at a distance? Answered

I want to construct a device that can turn a switch (probably for a light) on and off at a distance, but does not use IR (LOS not an option), and that can run on batteries. The intended use is for possible theatrical applications (remote actor cueing) and possible home security (a "help me" signal between floors). I have very little electronics experience but had can make circuits for things like switching on wired LED's. I would like to know what components I can use and how to hook them up, also maybe where to get them.


RC control. you can buy switch operated RC controls. In fact I just read a post in another area that describes a product that might fit your needs .

it's called the RC-12RV

I'm not in any way connected with these folks, aside from having seen a link in another instructables question. There are plenty of other sources for similar stuff. Once you've reviewed their product, you should be better armed to do a thorough search using goggle or yahoo or whatever for a product that makes you happy.

Being bored, I just re-read your question... check out X-10..com. uses the ac line for transmission...It's a cluttered site, but right up the alley for both home automation and the app your discussing here. I don't know why I forgot about them. I have several of their modules upstairs, as well as a handful of cameras I bought to install for security but never got around to doing... remote control is very simple, and the switch modules plug into he wall just like a wall wart.

Radio shack has a remote controlled switch that you can use to signal others. The system is inexpensive and works over 1OO - 15O ft.


8 years ago

Hey sell many lights that have are radio controlled, and have good range, and you can swap out the LEDs for other things.