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How do I make a biometric (fingerprint) scanner based keyless ignition for my car? Answered

I need advice on how to make a fingerprint scanner control a 12v relay for use as a keyless ignition for my car. I know how to do the wiring as far as the car's ignition/starting system, what I don't know is how to make a fingerprint scanner close a 12v relay and keep it closed until I turn the car off. Any help, suggestions, or guidance would be appreciated.


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9 years ago

Well, that is a very difficult goal to attain. Biometric systems are hard to attain and very expensive. There is one such thing on www.popsci.com, just search for fingerprint scanner, and i suppose you could modify that. You would need it to control a switch of some kind, or a transistor for the current maybe. A mich simpler way would be to hook up a cheap laptop and an RFID scanner. You can get one and tags at www.tikitag.com. You would need to hook the laoptop up to the car PC, or make a controller circuit, that way the RFID tag would work as the key, then just desguise the tad, possibly in a "pendant" That you would put on a key ring. That is the somplest way to do this, as far as i can see. If this works, please let me know, i would be very interested in knowing, and possibly doing it when i get a car. Hope i helped!