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How do I make a board game? Answered


Invent rules, draw board, create playing tokens/cards as needed, find a set of dice. Playtest. Adjust rules to make them more interesting. Playtest. Adjust rules to make them more fair. Playtest. Repeat until you have something your friends are willing to play without being blackmailed.

me too!  (what ork said...took the words right out of my fingers.)

When I was younger, we modified RISK to include Antarctica and added air and naval combat to the mix. The insanity of college years...

What, you haven't added the dirty-nuke and germ-warfare rules yet?

Lol..dirty nuke was always an option...(third person usually got pissy and blew the game to hell) As for the chemical warfare...it *was college after all...(gurgle...gurgle.gurgle....cough cough cough hehe!)