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How do I make a broken, valuable bowl into something cool? Answered

I recently broke one of my grandmother's bowls and I want to turn it into something cool (it can't be salvaged as a bowl). I was thinking a hot plate or mirror with pieces of the bowl in it. Any other ideas and how would I do this?



Try making a mosaic with the pieces as a frame for a mirror. I think you can get a kit, but I'm not sure. I know there are kits for stepping stones that you could use, too. Just use the pieces instead of the tiles included.

When I break something pretty, I put the pieces in another bowl - wood is good - just for display. Because I'm a clutz, I add to it over the years. Recently I bought some brightly colored bird figurines at the dollar store and stuck them in there. Looks cool.

Show us a picture? (The upload process is the same you used for your pic) L