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How do I make a carbon fibre pipe for an air intake? Answered

Hello folks!

I'm trying to figure out how I can make a carbon fibre pipe for my cars air intake.

I have a semi-flexi alloy pipe which I have managed to bend into shape and it will keep its shape without changing even if I take it out of the engine bay.

I was wondering how I would go about making a mould of the pipe to make a replica of it out of carbon fibre for ultra cool points. Plus Carbon fibre helps repel heat better than aluminium.

I was originally just going to get a Carbon Fibre vinyl wrap around the pipe but, why fake it?


I have started the fibre glassing process.

I left the air intake inside the engine for this process.

I put a thick line of resin on the top of the pipe work and allowed it to try, this would allow me to remove the whole pipe work without it changing its shape so I could fully resin the piece and still get it to fit properly when it goes back into the car. Looks a bit naff at the moment but I'll be smoothing it all out then painting it, or wrapping it in carbon fibre!



Heres a picture of my cars engine bay, basically I want to replace the silver flex pipe with a carbon fibre one.


You could mould the inner pipe with some kind of expanding foam I imagine...

This instructable has some good stuff on carbon fiber...