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How do I make a drum stick holder that hangs on a drum kit? Answered

I have an electronic drum kit and I need a removable drum stick bag.I need one that will hold at least 6 to 8 pairs.I have bought bags before but,I have to take apart the drum kit to get it off to use on my acoustic kit.They have some with velcro but,they are usually to big and floppy and then I need to dig to find sticks in bag. I need something that will let me see the sticks and that are easy to grab and won't all fall out when I grab one.



look at marching snare stick bags. they have padding inside that holds sticks snugly, and the sticks poke out 2-3 inches. they look easy to make. two layers of fabric with thin foam in between folded over itself with lines stitched up.

Or you can get fancy and buy some leather or pleader at the fabric store, cut one square make 3 or 4 pockets for sticks and accessories and two strings on each side of the top so you can wrap it around your floor tom and hang it from the lugs. you can even choose your color and even make your own logo. let me know which design you went for... search the net for drum stick bag for ideas. or if you want to follow any of those other designs from the other replies then again the net is your friend.

Cut a piece of 1-1/2" PVC pipe 12" long.  Install a cap on one end.

The best way to attach to your kit depends on the design of your kit, where you want to locate it, how much modification you do or don't wish to make to your drums, etc.  One idea is to apply a strip of self-stick Velcro to the holder and a mating piece to a stand.  Another is to drill a hole at the open end of the holder, install an S-hook, and hang from your snare stand.


9 years ago

Have you thought about using the inner cardboard tube that paper towels are rolled around. You could probably get about 6 of them and just mount 3 tubes on each set. For instance, on the floor tom of your acoustic set you could find a way to put an old belt or old cloth strap around the tom holding the tube in place. You can also paint the cardboard tube the same color as your set or any other creative color you want. This way you won't have to mount from one set to the other. I used to play drums. Hope this helps.